Top 10 senior hobbyists sites

The top sites visited by senior people are social networking site. They are used for both hobbyists and entrepreneus.
fThese sites finally allow the mature Internet user to interact with likeminded entrepreneurial, retired, active and elderly online community members. Although not entirely devoid of flashy youngsters, social networking sites for seniors have a different 'feel.'.

WAYN: Senior Social Networking for Snowbirds
With about 13 million members, active seniors who might be full-timing with their RV or frequent guests on local and national cruises appreciate the instant connectivity. WAYN is short for "Where Are You Now?" Among senior social networking sites, this one allows as much - or as little - in-person or online interaction as the user prefers. It is possible to merely post photos from trips, meet up with other travelers, plan activities based on others' experiences or merely chitchat online. The minimum age to join is 18.

Facebook: The World's Playground
Everyone is on Facebook. At this time, roughly 350,000,000 users call the site "home" and they provide an eclectic mix for possible interactions. As an avid gamer on the site, I am interacting daily with teens, twens, the 30-something set and also the oldster with more than 70 to 80 candles on the last cake.

Eons: Social Networking for Baby Boomers (1946-1964 birth dates)
Baby Boomers might despair at the juvenile content of MySpace and associated social networking sites aimed at teens and the younger demographics. With Eons, they can finally interact with those of the same generation.

Taltopia: Top Among Social Networking Sites for Creative Seniors
In simplest terms, Taltopia is an artist community made up of painters, musicians, actors, comedians, photographers and anyone else with a penchant for creativity. Fans, artists and industry insiders interact, critique, join fan clubs and find exposure for their works. For seniors whose creative juices played second fiddle to (now grown) children and work (a distant memory), this may finally be the creative outlet they craved all their lives. Age differences are quickly overcome by enthusiasm and artistic talent.
aNobii: Booklovers Unite!
Book worms in their golden years (and of all ages) read, post reviews and connect with likeminded readers. Readers may even try their hands at a first blogging experience. Seniors have the opportunity to discuss their favorite reads with others in an online community encompassing about 400,000 users.

Ravelry: Knitting and Crocheting Networking Site
Another one of the senior social networking sites dedicated to a specific hobby is Ravelry. With more than 600,000 global members, it is dedicated to serious hobbyists of the fiber arts. Learn how to make that sweater pattern you always wanted to try out, post photos of your latest creation and interact in the forums with other knitters.

The Hospitality Club: Meet and Greet Site for the Avid Traveler and Host
Spanning 207 countries and including more than 328,000 members, members may act as hosts to travelers visiting their cities or merely as tour guides. Money does not change hands but friendships form frequently. This is a great social networking opportunity for seniors who love to travel or have a full house.

Social Networking Sites for Seniors in Business

It is a common misconception that all senior citizens while away time through travel or hobbies. Instead, there is a fair share that are starting and running businesses or have business interests they actively follow. There are a number of senior social networking opportunities for them as well. Please note that the tone and "feel" of these communities is vastly different from the hobby and just-for-fun social networks previously mentioned.

LinkedIn is a well-known business and social networking site mix; with 60 million global users and endless niche groups and clubs, it is a cornucopia of interaction opportunities for the business and hobby-minded senior. PartnerUp connects entrepreneurs with mentors and also partners. With about 100,000 members it is a small community. Meet the Boss is more upper level management or industry networking than social interaction, but it is actually the interconnectivity of its roughly 20,000 members that makes the site a worthwhile experience.

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