Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Masters of Looking

The elders taught us that the world should be viewed, free of prejudices and preconceived ideas.

The view, the look should be clean and pure stripped of external loads. The beauty is pure and virgin and is the essence of life. Only that way we can appreciate the simple intensity of day renancer, rays of sun hitting the window, wind blowing, the rain we fall asleep, the darkness of evening.

Children in their pure innocence can be true masters of the look, they see everything in its essence and fullness of supreme beauty and goodness. After growing up and suffer the metamorphosis of this vile world, materialistic and dehumanized. Her gaze is distorted and blurry, full of ideas and prejudices, and of having assets, power, command, of subjugation, this harsh and sad reality we call life.

Later when the old knocks on the door, we reach the real level of wisdom, the end is closer, things lose their meaning hollow and flabby, only interested in saving what is truly important. What we looked so small and trivial to be replaced by another demension. Wake up, peek the day outside, see the children playing in the street, look at the dog around, talking with friend of the 5th left, call the child and say hello. At that time we return again to be masters of the look, so shut up and initiates the cycle of learning the look.

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