Friday, September 24, 2010

Life expectancy has increased significantly in recent years

According to available data, the average life expectancy in the world stood at 67.2 years.
There are countries that have a higher life expectancy, is the case of Japan, with 82.6 years, Hong Kong 82.2 years, 81.8 years Iceland, Switzerland 81.7 years, Australia 81.8 years, followed by Spain and Sweden with 80.9 years. Life expectancy in the United States is 78.11 years according to the CIA Facebook.

This increase in life expectancy, has brought new opportunities for society in general and for each one of us, which we will face aging and old age as a new stage of life, which can take even sometimes , full advantage. Especially because at that stage, usually reaches a greater family stability and economic emotional. There is already retired, working life is already closed, the children are grown and groomed, the house, furniture and car paid. It's also that time of life that you realize the brevity of life and that death is coming naturally. Therefore, let it brings to the superfluous, the secondary material and bet it all on what is really important: in self and family and those closest. One begins to have more time for himself, for socializing, recreation, travel, reading a book, watch that show or that museum, deals with the time and mind to what really gives us pleasure. There are more and more pensioners and the elderly who rely on their self-worth: many go to the Universities of old age, they enter the fear, insecure, shy and introverted and, soon, "open", live, participate, beyond all barriers, technological and even become realized beings, independent, secure and confident and even healthier physically and mentally.In modern societies, the elderly are becoming more and have a growing burden. Thus appear increasingly communications and messages addressed to the theme of old age and aging, and take various media communication, written, oral, visual and audio technologies.
Old age, old age and all the surrounding issues have a growing space in newspapers, magazines, radio, television, Internet, messaging with more general and more specialized.Old age and old age are viewed increasingly with greater ease and begin to have a separate status.


This has been helped several factors such as self-worth and personal achievement, progress of medicine, even in terms of wellness and beauty treatments, and the contribution of images of various icons of our time going forward, despite their advanced ages, full of life and activity and with a freshness and beauty still thriving. We have the example of Meryl Streep and Sophia Loren that do not appear, but they have fabulous 74 years.
There is increasingly a greater number of lines of support for the elderly, are free funded by state and some public institutions and private and other paid and in various media, telephone, Internet, and more or less specialized to support differentiated.
Appear on the net are also several blogs, convivial exchange of experiences, support human, social, health etc.. For example, all hospitals in the country, have a league of friends of the Hospital, who work very worthwhile in terms of human and social support, especially among patients most in need, and unfortunately, the elderly are those who most need support, when they are thrown into a hospital bed, despised by all and everyone, especially family members. When all fail, the volunteers are there every day to give that support, that word friend.

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