Saturday, September 18, 2010

The "Dictatorship" of the West is a direct consequence of not listen to the older

All the concepts that we internalize our learning throughout life, are strait-jacket by our culture, religion, habits, traditions, geographic area, human, professional, convivial, family, etc.. Do not leave, therefore, to be parceled and theoretical insights born of prejudice of all kinds, often turn into real distortion of reality but this truly universal, worldwide.
The various civilizations of the world have reached different levels of development between them. For example the Greek civilization. The Aztec, the Egyptian and many others, had its heyday in antiquity. Also beliefs and religions were also growths and developments dumas different to the others. The history of civilizations between crosses often with the religions.
The Western world around the years 1990, achieved a certain fullness of true human values and morals, where the man was almost in the center of the landing of the decisions. In recent years, thanks to several factors, but mainly the fact that the younger generation who has the power of the moment, completely flouting the teachings that older people, grandparents, parents and teachers they were transmitting. Thus annihilated by land and put these pillars of civilization also very abstract thing that the visor and obtrusa which is called globalization / free market / competition. People no longer have any value, lost all their rights, such as data acquired so far. The important thing is the market and not the individual, the economy has to function or to terminate all the factories and productions in the West, even if unemployment increases, since the financial service sectors and fill their pockets all is well. This guideline is correct so that the great global crisis that arose however, maybe it was virtual, after governments fail to appreciate the help banks with millions of euros and dollars, to rescue the financial sector must have been virtual, because everything also continues as before.
So that the araltos the world, absolute masters of the "single truth", they make use of the freedoms that Western democracies will allow me, for debiting their own concepts of good and evil, right and wrong, the ugly or beautiful, free or oppressive, as if they were universal and supreme.
The world does not need paternalism nor the "truths" or "unique views", focused on the navel of each, of each civilization.

No people or perfect or more advanced civilizations, they have no authority to override any other.
We all Western, we realize that even in advanced democracies where the annihilation of basic human rights, to enact wars, sometimes in return for economic interests, and in consequence of which many of our die.
Tolerance, humility, openness, it should focus on what is really important in life. That is the very life of the human person, the living nature. And all this is not confined to our family, our city, our country, our civilization is universal across all ethnic groups and civilizations, all creeds and religions, we should respect and accept differences and only then can we be men of true fulfillment.

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